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The GoCrease SEMI will cleanly fold heavy cardstocks or coated papers via compression which won’t crack the toner print.  Quickly and accurately create book jackets, greeting cards, tent cards and much, much more.  Create documents such as note pads or tickets, and add their tear-off sections that can be easily separated along straight lines.

The machine features a touch screen control panel makes it easy to program for your job. It holds 5 pre-set programs for popular compression creases/perfs and can store up to 5 customizable programs in its memory. For programmed ones, run a single sheet through for machine to determine length and it will automatically set the preset crease distances. For manual setup, select the number of creases/perfs and the crease/perf location(s).  Then press Start button.  Adjust the magnetic paper side guide, insert your sheet, and the SEMI will grab the sheet under the compression bar to perform the requested creases/perfs and eject into a neat stack on the other side.  It can handle sheets up to 18” in length.  Changing from creasing to perforation mode is simply done by unscrewing the crease plate (hex key provided) and replace with the perforation plate, and pull out & rotate the square crease mat/bar to its flat perforation side (ie no channel) and slide back in.

  • Working width: 3.9” to 18”
  • Channel width: 0.04” / 0.05” / 0.063”  (use wider for thicker media)
  • Min/Max distance of crease/perf: 0.03” / 39.3”
  • 5 pre-programmed types of fold creases/perfs: ½, ⅓, ¼, gate, book cover
  • Speed: up to 1,500 sheets per hour via manual input (slower with multiple creases/perfs)
  • Max creases per sheet: 15
  • Program memory: store up to 5 pre-set applications
  • Paper weight: 80 to 400 gsm (creasing); 80 to 250 gsm (perforating)
  • 8 screen display languages to choose between
  • Machine dimensions: (WxDxH) 23.3” x 47.3” x 11.8”, 120 lbs, 15amp
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