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MBM 508A Automatic Folder

The MBM 508A is an automatic friction feed table-top folder designed to make folding quick and easy.  The device comes virtually plug & play  - attach the fold plates, open up the delivery tray and set the feed table, plug it in (regular 15 amp) and it's ready to start folding. The feed tray has the ability to accommodate jobs up to 11.8” x 17”, and can accept 500 sheets of 64 gsm (80 lb) in quantity. The full color LCD touchscreen control panel lets anyone in your office operate this machine effectively even without training. On the touchscreen, simply pick which of the 36 standard or 24 custom folds that you would like to complete, and the amount of materials you have to fold. When you push start, the fold plates automatically adjust to the correct measurements. There is no need for the user to adjust the fold plates. If preferred, push the Test button for 2 sheets to fold for inspection. In the case of slightly skewed folds, simply make the fine adjustments to the folding position via the LCD control panel, or manually by adjusting the wheel at the top of the fold plate. If you are running non-standard paper sizes through the 508A, simply add the dimensions and the machine will calculate exactly where the fold plates need to be positioned to achieve the desired fold. The batching feature is convenient for users who don’t want to count and separate their materials after being folded. Double feed detection is very accurate with the machine stopping when two or more sheets were fed through at once.

Automatic 3 roller friction feed system. Automatic feed table elevation. Features paper feed pressure and separator pressure adjustment. Color LED touch screen control panel includes 4 digit addition and subtraction digital counter.  Automatically recognizes and displays paper size. Extended exit tray for neat stacking of folded sheets. Automatic conveyor and self-setting exit rollers ensure smooth ejection of folded paper. Single sheet feeding automatically maintained for different weights of paper. Auxiliary paper guide for cross folding. Load and unload paper from same side. Display alert and audible signal in case of incorrect operation. Skew and micro-adjustment dials. Fully enclosed fold tables for quiet operation. Quick-release roller system for easy maintenance. Optional scoring, micro-perforating, and slitting units can be added.

MBM 508A:

  • Up to 14,000 sheets per hour
  • Works with 3.5" x 5"  up to 11" x 17" sizes
  • 12 lb to 80 lb paper
  • 500 sheet capacity
  • 36 One Touch standard folds, 24 additional programmable memory slots for your custom folds
  • Interval pause time (programmable)
  • Double Feed Detection Sensor prevents mis-folded pages to contaminate output
  • Paper Feed Separator Adjustment allows wider range of paper stock weights and prevents double-feeds
  • Dimensions (DxWxH): 39.75" x 21.5" x 19.75"
  • Weighs 82 lbs, uses 15 amp (115V/60hz)

See spec list for more details


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