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MBM 408A Automatic Folder

MBM 408A Automatic Folder

MBM 408A:  A superb tabletop paper folder that offers speed, versatility and automation that is simply unparalleled by other folders in its class. Simple to set up out of the box within minutes.  With the 3 roller feed system, you can smoothly churn out up to 14,400 sheets per hour using one of the 36 pre-programmed standard folds or one of 12 possible custom folds you can store in the 408A's memory.  Select the fold type in the colour LCD display panel and tap in the paper length, and the fold plates will automatically move into position saving you time and making the machine easy to use. The Test Button allows you to run 2 sheets of paper for inspection.  The speed can be adjusted, the run # can be chosen, and you can even program in a pause time interval in between a select # of output sets, all to suit your workflow needs.

This model accommodates paper sizes as small as 3.5” x 5” and as large as 11” x 17”.  The new extended exit tray with an automatic conveyor and self-setting exit wheels ensure smooth, neat ejection of your folded, printed materials. The 408A can take paper as light as 12 lb bond, and as heavy as 80 lb (46.5 gsm to 160 gsm. 230 gsm single fold only) with ease. You can be sure that this folder will only pull one single sheet through each time. Should you happen to load this paper folder incorrectly, the machine will signal you with display and audible alert messages for any double-feeds.

Micro-perforator option: switch out a fold tray for the perforator, and perforate sheets in a separate pass. With a fine-tooth perforator that creates 46 TPI, the edges of your paper are smoother and easy-to-tear.

Scorer option: ideal for use with sensitive paper stocks, including fibrous stocks and heavy-ink covered pages. Scoring before folding can help prevent cracking of the fibers and ink on these specialty and sensitive materials.

Refer to brochure for more details on device.


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