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Destroyit 2503

Compact, entry model Centralized Office shredder with a 10 1/4 inch feed opening and 20 gallon shred volume.

MBM Destroyit (by IDEAL) makes some of the most reputable and best recognized office paper shredders today. These shredders are engineered and build in Germany. To date, Destroyit makes over 20 different models of shredders. This doesn’t include the strip cut, cross cut and high security variations.

The Model 2503 has been categorized by Destroyit as a Centralized Office shredder. This means it is designed to be placed in a centralized location for use by multiple people. This also means the 2503 has a continuous-duty motor that can be used throughout the day without needing to cool down.

While capacity is always nice to have in a shredder, speed is also very important. The Destroyit 2503 is fast. This shredder takes your paper and shreds it in just seconds. This is a stark difference from other shredders that seem to chug along while trying to shred paper. Speed is ideal for an office environment and is great when you are shredding a lot of material.

The Destroyit 2503 is available as a strip cut and two different cross cut variations. The Level 2 strip cut shreds about 19-21 sheets, the Level 3 cross cut shreds about 12-14 sheets and the Level 4 cross cut shreds about 8-10 sheets of 20# paper at a time. The higher the security level, the smaller the particle size. The smaller the particle size, the lower the capacity typically is.

While most paper shredders are designed to accept paper up to letter-size, the 2503 has a large 10 ¼” opening. This makes it easy to shred envelopes, letter-size paper, jumbled paper and much more. It is extremely easy to use.

The newly-designed interface is about as simple and useful as they come. The rocker-style button lights up green when on (making it easy to see the shredder is on) and can be tilted back for reverse mode. Several LED indicators let you know when the back is full, door is open and much more.

The cutting blades on the Destroyit 2503 are made from high quality steel. These blades are nice, designed to handle paper for years and can easily handle staples, paper clips and credit cards. The strip cut and Level 3 cross cut versions of this shredder can even handle CDs and DVDs.

The 26 gallon shred bin holds a lot of paper. This means fewer bag changes for you. Because this shredder has a cabinet door design and a pullout bag frame, bag changes are extremely easy. Casters also make this shredder easy to move around.

Comprehensive SPS safety package: Easy Switch control element uses illuminated color codes and symbols to indicate operational status and functions as an emergency stop switch; patented, electronically controlled, transparent safety shield in the feed opening; automatic power cut-off when cabinet is opened or shred bin is full; automatic reverse and power cut-off when overfed; double protection against overheating; Zero Energy Consumption sleep mode cuts off power supply after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Automatic start and stop controlled by photo cell. Lifetime warranty on the cutting shafts. Quiet and powerful single phase motor. Fully enclosed gear box housing. High quality wooden cabinet mounted on casters. Convenient, environmentally friendly shred bin does not require disposable shred bags.

  • 26 gallon shred volume for paper
  • Harden steel cutting shafts take paper clips, staples, credit cards and CDs
  • Lifetime warranty on the cutting shafts
  • Shred speed of 24 feet per minute
  • Available in strip-cut and cross-cut model versions
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